Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Levels of Care

What are the levels of care that are provided at Ecumen Lakeview Commons?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons provides assisted living and memory care services for people with complex medical needs or those suffering from different stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory loss. Our community provides a safe environment for those with memory loss thanks to our monitored and controlled entrance and WanderGuard system. We also have on-site Resident Assistants available 24/7 which allows us to meet the needs to those with complex medical issues or those wanting quick and easy access and security of round the clock nursing care.

What are the guidelines for Assisted Living?

We welcome anyone in need of socialization and structures activities, 3 delicious fresh prepared meals daily, housekeeping, and ala carte health services to come check us out.

Who determines the proper transition plan should a resident need to move from Assisted Living to Memory Care?

Because our unique community creates a safe, secure environment, and embraces the components of the award-winning Ecumen Awakenings program and our controlled entrance, we are able to provide specialized care and services to those with memory loss in our Assisted Living as well as our Memory Care neighborhood. Our goal is to bring the needed services directly to their apartment no matter where in the community they live. If the event that a transition to our Memory Care neighborhood is needed, our nursing team and Leadership staff will work directly with families to assist in the transition.

Available Health Services

Who is primarily responsible for health care and medical services at Ecumen Lakeview Commons?

Our Clinical Director and nursing staff all work together to provide the very best care possible. We work directly with families, health care professionals, therapists, and others to create a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of our residents.

If I decide to move to Ecumen Lakeview Commons, how do I decide what health care services are needed?

Once a decision is made to move to Ecumen Lakeview Commons, our nurse will meet with all new prospects and their family members to decide together what health care services are needed. If a client is currently in a hospital or rehab setting, our nursing staff will work closely with that care team to develop a plan of care that will provide a smooth and safe transition to the assisted living setting.

How does “health care” work in Assisted Living?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons provides a large menu of ala carte health services to choose from. With our flexible services, families are also welcome to be as active in the care of their loved one as they wish. The goal of our health services program is to be there when you need us.

How does my primary care physician fit into my healthcare program Ecumen Lakeview Commons?

When receiving health services at Ecumen Lakeview Commons, we work closely with physicians, therapists, Hospice, and other care professionals to provide the best continuity of care. Our team approach to care relies on open communication to bring all disciplines together to develop the best possible outcomes for the health and well-being of our residents.

Do you have any doctors that come to Ecumen Lakeview Commons?

Various options are available for on-site MD services.

Assisted Living Sales Process

If I am interested in living in your community, where should I begin?

Give us a call at 651-770-1111 to talk with someone about the community and to see whether we would be a good fit for your needs. You can also click here to schedule a tour or request information online.

Who can help me through this process?

The Director of Sales and Marketing is best suited to answer your questions about a possible move, availability of apartments, and how the entire move process works. There are, however, many other staff that will be happy to answer your questions and provide a tour if needed. Feel free to call our main number at 651-770-1111 and they will direct your call.

Once I select an apartment at Ecumen Lakeview Commons, what is the next step?

Once an apartment is selected, the Director of Sales and Marketing will walk you through the necessary paperwork and set up the time for the nursing assessment. Once all that is completed, the move can take place.

How quickly am I able to move into my new apartment within your community?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons prides itself in being able to meet the needs of those families requiring a quick move due to a health crisis or emergency situation. We work directly with families to complete the necessary paperwork and complete the nurse assessment as soon as possible. Our team of staff understand the stress a health crisis can bring, and work quickly accommodate these requests.

What if I am unable or not ready to move in immediately?

If you are unable to move into an available apartment immediately, Ecumen Lakeview Commons provides the opportunity to “hold” an apartment for a short amount of time or also to place a name on the Waiting List to receive updates on apartment availability in the future.

Financial Planning

Can I or a loved one afford living at Ecumen Lakeview Commons?

Call the Director of Sales and Marketing or the Housing Director at 651-770-1111 to better understand the costs of living at Ecumen Lakeview Commons

Food and Dining

Are there meal options to choose from or is everyone given the same thing to eat?

For breakfast we feature a special entree, but also offer eggs cooked to order, bacon, and a variety of breads toasted, hot/cold cereal, fruit, yogurt and assorted juices/beverages. At both lunch and dinner we feature a homemade soup, Chefs Choice entree (at dinner there are 2 entree choices) and a delicious dessert. If someone does not like the featured entree(s), there is a large choice of assorted sandwiches, salads, and sides in our “always available” menu. We also offer a variety of ice cream sundaes.

Do you offer accommodations for special diets?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons works hard to meet the special dietary needs of residents. Although we do not have special diets, we often can offer choices for those with special dietary needs. Call the Director of Sales and Marketing for more details at 651-770-1111.

Lifestyle & Activities

What is there to do once I make the move to Ecumen Lakeview Commons? Will I remain active?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons has an extensive program of activities to meet the social, spiritual, physical, educational, and creative needs of residents. Click here to view a copy of our Activity Calendar. See all that we have to offer! We also have a therapy dog, Gus, who is very active in our community full-time for those who enjoy the interaction with a pet.

How do residents at Ecumen Lakeview Commons find out information on activities, programming, and upcoming events?

At the first of every month, residents receive a copy of the Activity Calendar and scheduled outing/trips for the month. Also, at the breakfast meal residents receive a daily news bulletin highlighting all the events for the day and where in the community those events will be held. Lastly, our Concierge and Resident Assistant staff will direct and guide residents to programs that they know that resident would enjoy.

Are there religious activities I can choose to participate in?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons has a part-time Chaplain on staff to lead and coordinate our spiritual care program and church services. We also have a chapel where we host local religious leaders that lead a variety of our church services. Our Chaplain also leads of a variety of spiritual programs including memorial services, hymn sings, discussion groups, and other church services.

Does Ecumen Lakeview Commons offer any type of exercise or wellness classes?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons has a very close relationship with a nationally known fitness program called Live 2B Healthy. They provide a specially trained fitness instructor to lead classes 3x week that are geared to improve balance, strength, and flexibility of older adults. Our staff also lead exercise classes on other days of the week.

Does Ecumen Lakeview Commons have any other specific indoor recreation rooms?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons has a large community room where we schedule our large group activities, parties, and other types of events. Our community room is also available for families when planning special events such as birthday parties, etc.

Do you have any location on campus for outdoor recreation?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons is nestled in the wooded area across from Beaver Lake. Our community offers sidewalk trails, great for walking around the building on those nice Minnesota days. Near to us there are also other walking trails. We also have an outdoor gazebo area for families to gather and enjoy being outdoors.

What about those who have visual impairments?

Our team of Recreation staff work hard to meet the individual needs of all residents whether they have vision, hearing, or other sensory loss. Please see our Director of Therapeutic Recreation for more information.

Does Ecumen Lakeview Commons have a library?

Ecumen Lakeview Commons has a variety of library areas throughout the building where residents can view and check out books. Our library areas are coordinated by a group of resident and family volunteers.

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